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  • Karlsson, Sten O, 1950- (författare)
  • Arbetarfamiljen och det nya hemmet : Om bostadshygienism och klasskultur i mellankrigstidens Göteborg
  • 1993
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Early on the Liberal Public of the nineteenth century draw attention to thehousing problem of the poor. In Gothenburg model tenments, build by wealthy philantropists, became the normal solution. In 1S89 the first Swedish, scientific and socialhygenic study of the housing problem, were made in Gothenburg. The town planning of Lilienberg 1907-27 provided a new solution: model districts for the lower classes. The housing shortage that emerged during the first World War forced the municiple authoritys to intervene and the workers to form a popular tenements movement which from 1925 began to build on their own.After 1875 the 'County Governor House' had been the dominant type of dwelling in the Gothenburgian labour-districts. In the memories of old workers the tenements were often remembered as rather spatious and enchanting. The every daylife of the workers family was upheld by female "networks of solidarity", a mutual social security system ruled by the superior principle: "you shall always be solidaristic with the working-class". The mores of the working class woman aimed to maintain high hygienic standards, steadiness and respectability: to make decent citizens of her children and husband.In the midwar years the Swedish construction workers treated the challenge of technological rationalization with a militant defense of their craftman-ship and bargaining power at the work-place. The trade-cultural identity (in the eyes of the adversories: the "guild -spirit") was especially strong among the masons, whereas the carpenters were more openminded to new cooperative experiments and new technology. In Gothenburg a former carpenter became one of the most influentialfore-runners of rationalization, hygienism and functionalistic architecture.During the nineteentwenties and thirties "functionalism" became the new ,socialhygienic solution for working-class housing in Sweden. The leading role of the architects and the close connection with the Social-Democrats gave the movement its characteristic look. Behind the 'scientific' approach of the functionalism lay a great deal of remnant socialhygienic moralism. In Gothenburg the implementation of the functionalistic design became a rather unsuccessful compromise and an unpopular alternative to the traditional County Governor House.When the Social-Democrats keynesian "new deal" was to be implemented in 1933 it came to a confrontation with striking construction workers. In January-February an alliance of the labour government, the national trade union association (LO) and the employers forced the construction trade union leaders to sign a very unfavourable agneement which eliminated the workers right to negotiate on technological changes at the sites. During the turbulence that surrrounded the controversy the building labourer and union leader Albin Ström was excluded from his union and his party.The fate of the dissident Strom illustrates the conflicts that emerged whithin Swedens reformistic labour movement during the midwar period between a communitarian form of socialism and a traditional concept of class-struggle. A strong class-spirit, as was the case in Gothenburg, interfered with the new classless welfare-concept of the 'Peoples Home'. Therefore, the popular tribune of class socialism - Albin Ström -had to be put out of action. The years 1933-34 became a decisive breaking point in the struggle between communitarians and class-socialists. The 1934 pamphlet of Alva and Gunnar Myrdal-Crisis in the Population Question-became the manifesto for a new classless and scientific way towardssocial welfare. This book can be seen as a culmination of the social-hygienic project in Sweden; and once again the housing issue was pointed out as the main instrument (the social technology) of forming a New Rational Man and a "normal" Family.
  • Lundsten, Jonas, et al. (författare)
  • Motives for Participation in Formal Standardisation Processes for Geographic Information : An Empirical Study in Sweden
  • 2017
  • Ingår i: International Journal of Standardization Research (IJSR). - 2470-8542.
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The purpose of this study was to investigate the personal motives for participation in formal standardization processes for geographic information. The method involved interviewing the members of technical committees at the Swedish Standards Institute, SIS. The results are the majority of the interviewees are very motivated in their work and they think their participation is well financed by their organizations allocating them to a technical committee. The main motives are to contribute to development of society and be in the forefront of development. However, this study also showed that the several of the members participating in this study felt that they do not have sufficient time for working with tasks related to their technical committees. Their daily work in their respective organizations has often higher priority in relation to standardization work. This is in contrast with the organizational goals of the participating organizations and may slow down the development of standards and other publications due to lack of resources.
  • Wikman, Sofia, 1971- (författare)
  • Diskriminering i samband med psykisk ohälsa en kunskapsöversikt
  • 2017
  • Rapport (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Projektet Din Rätt har varit en treårig satsning hos Nationell Samverkan för Psykisk Hälsa, mot diskriminering av personer med psykisk ohälsa. Den här skriften är en systematisk kunskapssammanställning av ett decenniums rapporter och studier om risker för sådan diskriminering. Några av de samhällsområden som vi går igenom är arbetslivet, vården, psykiatrin, ekonomin och skolan. Vi hoppas att den ska läsas av alla som möter eller tar beslut som påverkar tillvaron för personer med psykisk hälsa, oavsett om det är som handläggare, vårdgivare eller politiker.I kunskapssammanställningen hittas även berättelser från verkligheten och projektets egna kommentarer kring varje samhällsområde. Den avslutas med förslag på åtgärder för att stoppa diskriminering av personer med psykisk ohälsa - något som med gemensamma krafter är fullt möjligt.
  • Tengberg, A., et al. (författare)
  • Cultural ecosystem services provided by landscapes: Assessment of heritage values and identity
  • 2012
  • Ingår i: Ecosystem Services. - 2212-0416. ; 2, s. 14-26
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • This paper aims to provide a conceptual analysis of cultural ecosystem services and how they are linked to the concepts of landscape, heritage and identity. It discusses how these cultural ecosystem services can be assessed and integrated into spatial and physical planning. The paper presents two case studies to shed light on the assessment process. A case study from Sweden combines an analysis of ecosystem services with methods for documenting cultural heritage values in landscapes. A second case study from the Arafura-Timor Seas combines an analysis of cultural ecosystem services with methods for assessment of priority environmental concerns at the seascape scale.We demonstrate that the methods from cultural heritage conservation provide tools for the analysis of historical values as well as historical drivers of change in landscapes that can add time-depth to more spatially focused ecosystem assessments. We propose that methods for valuation of cultural heritage and identity in landscapes are integrated into assessments of ecosystem services to inform policy making and physical and spatial planning for sustainable management of ecosystems and landscapes. This could also provide an approach for bringing about integrated implementation of conventions and instruments from the environmental and cultural heritage fields, respectively. 
  • Ahmadi, Fereshteh (författare)
  • Hard and Heavy Music : Can It Make a Difference in the Young Cancer Patients' Life?
  • 2009
  • Ingår i: Voices : A World Forum for Music Therapy. - Norway : Published by GAMUT (The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre)/University of Bergen in affiliation with Nordic Journal of Music Therapy. - 1504-1611. ; 9:2
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The aim of the study on the basis of which this article is written was to examine, from the patients’ perspective, the role music plays as a coping method when facing cancer. Here, using music as a coping method refers to using music (listening to and/or playing music individually or participating in a music therapy program) frequently in order to deal with the significant demands presented by cancer. A semi-structured interview with 17 cancer patients who have used music (listened to or played music) in order to cope with their illness was applied. Five of interviewees were men and twelve women. The youngest informant was 24 and the oldest 73 years old. In the paper presented in this conference I will discuss the result of my study concerning the effects of hard and heavy music in coping with cancer. The result of study shows that hard and heavy music as a coping method:- by calling in question the cultural demands of having control over their feelings, helps the young cancer patients to obtain their control,- by questioning what are conventionally defined as meaning of life, helps the young cancer patients to find a meaning,- by calling in question  the cultural requests of being calm and collected helps the young cancer patients to get their tranquility,  - by cheering unhealthy behaviors like using drug and having violent sex helps the young cancer patients to recover their mental health.All this due to the possibility the heavy and hard music provides for the young cancer patients to get self-confidence by putting away the false mask one wear and be who she/he really is.
  • Andersson, Lars, et al. (författare)
  • Diversity, health and ageing
  • 2006
  • Ingår i: Ageing and Diversity. : Multiple Pathways and Cultural Migrations. - Bristol : Policy Press. - 1-86134-547-X - 978-1-8613-4847-0 ; s. 45-60
  • Bokkapitel (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    •    To understand contemporary ageing, it is necessary to recognise its diversity. Drawing on an extraordinary range of theory, original research and empirical sources, this book assesses the stereotyped conceptions of ageing, and offers a critical and updated perspective.The book: explores the diversity of individual pathways of ageing, the sources of identifications, migration and otherness, and the tension between social structures and personal agency; considers multidisciplinary and international perspectives as an important means of understanding the diversity of ageing, and the need for change in established notions and policies; addresses key issues, such as global ageing, migration, transnational community and citizenship; incorporates theories and findings from psychology and sociology, anthropology and demography, social policy and health sciences. "Ageing and diversity" is aimed at academics, students and practitioners in the fields of sociology, social psychology, health, and welfare. It will also be of interest to all those who want to challenge stereotypes about ageing
  • Backlund Rambaree, Brita, 1977- (författare)
  • Contextualising Constructions of Corporate Social Responsibility Social Embeddedness in Discourse and Institutional Contexts
  • 2016
  • Doktorsavhandling (övrigt vetenskapligt)abstract
    • Uppfattningar om företags samhällsansvar har begreppsliggjorts i huvudsak genom idéer om ’corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) och ’ansvarsfulla investeringar’. Under de senaste decennierna har dessa begrepp utvecklats till att bli vanligt förkommande och har spridits över världen. Som globala koncept medför de en gemensam uppsättning av idéer och metoder, såsom de som förs fram i internationella standarder för företags CSR rapportering, och utav internationella organisationer såsom FN:s Global Compact. Ändå skiljer de sig åt mellan olika kontexter och är konstruerade och återges av företag i förhållande till sociala sammanhang. Begreppen ges mening i relation till sociala institutioner i form av normer och konventioner som redan omger företag och sociala frågor. Baserat på nyinstitutionell teori undersöker avhandlingen konstruktioner av samhällsansvar och ansvarstagande, i diskurs och i institutionella sammanhang, över regioner som inte ofta jämförs i forskningen kring skillnader i företags samhällsansvar: två Västeuropeiska välfärdsstater (Sverige och Storbritannien) och två tillväxtekonomier i södra Afrika (Sydafrika och Mauritius). Syftet med avhandlingen är att bidra till litteraturen kring CSR och ansvarsfulla investeringar med ett sociologiskt perspektiv som är jämförande och för samman institutionell teori med social konstruktionism och Foucaults perspektiv på makt. Avhandlingen analyserar hur föreställningar om CSR och ansvarsfulla investeringar konstrueras i förhållande till de sociala institutioner som omger företags engagemang i samhällsfrågor, och belyser speciellt vikten av samhällets välfärdssystem och konventioner kring finansiella investeringar som betydelsefulla för dessa begrepp. Huvudargumentet i denna avhandling är att CSR och ansvarsfulla investeringar måste ses som kontextuellt skapade, i diskurs och praxis, på ett sätt som drar gränserna och skapar förutsättningarna för företags engagemang i samhällsfrågor.Avhandlingen omfattar tre artiklar. Artikel 1 är en innehållsanalys av företags självrapportering om CSR och artikeln undersöker hur innehållet som ges till CSR i självrapporteringen relaterar till hur samhället i övrigt hanterar välfärd och sociala frågor. Artikeln visar på hur CSR på så sätt skiljer sig åt mellan fyra olika länder där två är tillväxtekonomier i södra Afrika och två är Västeuropeiska välfärdsstater. Artikel 2 är en diskursanalys som undersöker språkliga repertoarer (interpretative repertoires) som förekommer i företags självrapportering om CSR, i samma uppsättning av fyra länder. Repertoarerna analyseras som tillämpandet av diskurs och de synliggör hur makt är av betydelse i skapandet av diskurser kring CSR. Artikel 3 fokuserar på ansvarfulla investeringar och undersöker detta som en form av aktivt skapande och återskapande av samhällsinstitutioner. Baserat på en intervjustudie med institutionella investerare i Sverige analyseras ansvarfullt investerande som en process som på samma gång innebär både skapande av en ny social institution, ansvarsfulla investeringar, och återskapande av en existerande institution, finansiella investeringar. Skapandet av nya idéer inom ramarna för en existerande institution påverkar innebörden i ansvarsfulla investeringar. I sin helhet bidrar avhandlingen med ett sociologiskt perspektiv på hur uppfattningar om företags samhällsansvar skapas och återskapas.
  • Boman, Tomas, et al. (författare)
  • Employment opportunities for persons with different types of disability
  • 2015
  • Ingår i: Alter;European Journal of Disability Research ;Journal Europeen de Recherche Sur le Handicap. - 1875-0672. ; 9:2, s. 116-129
  • Tidskriftsartikel (refereegranskat)abstract
    • The employment status of groups with different disabilities wasanalysed as were potentially important moderating factors (workability, structural and individual factors). A secondary analy-sis was performed on 4359 respondents with disabilities fromStatistics Sweden's Labour Market Investigation. The respondentswere divided into six disability groups (communicative-hearing,communicative-speech-reading, communicative-vision, psycho-logical disability, medical disability, physical disability). Logisticregression analyses showed that the probability of being employedwas highest among respondents with hearing disabilities andrespondents with psychological disabilities were least likely tobe employed. Being a woman (very young or old) with onlyprimary education and with partially or very impaired workability, reduced employment opportunities. Higher education didnot increase employment opportunities for respondents withimpaired work ability. In summary, the type of disability is essentialfor employment opportunities, and differences between disabil-ity groups cannot be explained by differences in other variables. 
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